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Paul Lacharmoise | Eurecat

Paul Lacharmoise | Eurecat


Dr Paul Lacharmoise is PhD in physics from the Institute of Materials Science of Barcelona.
He investigated organic semiconductors in the field of single molecule spectroscopy and near field photoluminescence of organic nanocrystals.
Later, he shifts towards applied research in the field of printed electronics, especially in organic photovoltaic and optoelectronic flexible devices.
He is co-author of >20 reviewed journal papers and has been involved in several research projects in printed electronics both at European and Spanish level. Currently
He leads the “Functional printing & Embedded Devices” Unit at Eurecat Technological Centre.

Presentation title: Printed electronics: a key enabling technology based on 2D thin-film devices

Sensors, optoelectronic devices and electronic components manufactured by printing and coating techniques are forecasted to change dramatically the way electronics are embedded into new products in many application areas. The disruptive form factor allowed by printed technologies enables the integration of new functionalities in thin, lightweight, shape adaptable, flexible and even stretchable substrates such as paper, plastics and textiles.  In mold electronics drives the technology even further through the embedment of printed foils in 3D plastic objects. I will discuss the recent progress of our center in these fields, pinpointing the technologies with higher potential impact in the near term future.

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